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Name Generator Online is more than just any typical name generator service. We offer free name generator for your Baby. Be it a boy or girl or may be you are just looking for a unisex baby name. Every type of baby name is available . All you have to do is just generate the names with a single click. You can easily select from popular baby names, unique baby names or even random baby name along with surname or first name generator.

Name Generator Online also offers Fantasy names for your upcoming novel or game character which is not only limited to race but also type. Let’s consider you need some elves name for your novel. You can easily generate thousands of elves name with a single click. You can also categorize by male or female. You can only generate wood elf or blood elf names if your want. 

You can generate unlimited game tag names like random elf names, red dragon name, unicorn name of Tiyanho Forest etc. Even if you need some great fantasy town names for developing your game city or kingdom, we also cover that. Generate as many fantasy town or city names, inn names, continent or kingdom names as you want.

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