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Generate your own unique ninja name with our funny ninja name generator. All names are unique and tailored according to your name. Generate as many as you want.

Ninja and assassin names are fun and it’s more fun when the name is tailored according to your name. Usually, Ninja’s are introvert and lonesome characters. So their name also reflects that fact. But what if we mix a little twist to those names. What if, instead of those boring introvert titles and names you find a fun and fantasy ninja name? Well, that’s what this tool does. Let’s give it a try.

Funny Ninja Name Generator Tool

The tool is very easy to use. Just put your name in the name field and click the button.

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A Ninja is actually a shinobi or mercenary. Ninja’s are also known as assassins. If we look back, ninja’s origin were in Japan. Though, now a days we think of ninja’s as overpowered human being, they were actually normal human like us but they were trained to kill. Ninjutsu training covers from unarmed combat to armed combat along with specialized weapon techniques.

What Type Of Names Ninja’s Use?

The word “Ninja” or “Shinobi” is actually a Japanese word. So, ninja’s usually use Japanese names. But now a days the word ninja is used for hero or assassin type in different game or novel characters. So, you may find mix names like part of the name is in English and part of the name is Japanese. Even the name can be entirely English. Because how will the non Japanese people name for their ninja character? Usually the tile are used in English like : “Flying Daggar” its not actually a ninja name but the title. Though most of the times ninja’s are known with their titles. So the title can also be a ninja or shinobi name. If you are looking for a ninja or shinobi name title generator then please visit Shinobi Name Generator

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