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5 Seconds To Generate Your Next Successful Startup Name

Random Business Name Generator

Generating a good business name is not easy as it requires a lot of time and planning. It starts from creating unique business ideas to brainstorming and ends up with selecting your brand name or domain that reflects the business properly. Your domain or brand reflects your business, so it can be disastrous if the name is picked without proper thinking or arbitrarily. Using our random business name generator may save you a lot of time. It will help you to get the naming ideas but you need to do the brainstorming and shortlisting properly.

Search & Brainstorm

Search through random business name generator for related words and create a list. Brainstorm which words are perfectly aligned with your brand.

Test & Shortlist

Before selecting the final word, create a shortlist form randomly generated business names. Check if those names are available for you.

Check Name Value

Do some analysis on your final shortlist. Check if the name contains your desired keyword or brand sweetness or easy to remember or not.

How To Name Your Business Perfectly

A good business name can have a huge impact on your business or startup. If the name is easy to remember and easy to spell then it can easily gain customer recognition. Which can have a direct impact on your brand value. A unique business or company name can easily separate you from the crowd and allow your business to gain an extra advantage over your competitors. 

Now, the question comes, what is a good business name or startup name? How to know that the name is unique and most suitable one for your business?What are the measuring factors of a good business/company name?

what is a good business name

How to come up with a good business/company/startup name?

Well, that’s a million dollar question. Nobody can say that this name is the best one but most of the successful business men or women will say that a good business name should meet some specific criteria. Now, let’s take a look at the most strong criteria that a good business name should have.

  • Business name should be short & memorable
  • Should be easy to read and spell
  • Should be catchy and unique
  • Should represent your brand properly
  • May contain sort keyword or keyphrase
  • Should be meaningful and functional
  • Finally the name should be available which means someone else is not already using that name

How a random business name generator helps the naming process

A random business or company name generator can help you a lot by generating hundreds or thousands of business name ideas just by a click. So it becomes easy to brainstorm and filter. The whole naming process becomes a lot easier with the help of a good business name generator. Let’s just consider that you are looking for a restaurant business name. A random restaurant name generator can generate a lot of  names with different food type as well as area specific names. It may also generate names based on signature dishes. So, it becomes easier for you to decide which one you should go for.

The next work left for you is to brainstorm and filter those ideas to find the perfect one suitable for you. Please understand that a random business name generator can only give you ideas but human creativity is an essential factor here. A random company name generator can never come up with the perfect name. It’s your duty to think and decide.  

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Why a randomly generated or AI powered business name generator is not the best solution?

AI powered name generators are great for quickly generating business/company or startup names. But AI based names can only produce ideas for brand names. As you already know that the brand name should be unique and shouldn’t belong to somebody else, most AI based name generators can’t comply with this part. Because the name may be already taken by somebody else. Above all, AI powered name generators lacks the essential touch of human creativity. So the best option is to make a list of desired business names and filter them by brainstorming. No AI can do this better than you. So, it is wise to use manual name generators or AI powered name generators only for generating business or brand name ideas, not the final name.